Custom Orders

      What I LOVE doing is custom work, not because of the money. Simply because it is unique and for a specific purpose.

       The horn you see to the left was made for a wedding, a piece that will be passed down over time. This is what I love, it is more than just art, more than just function. It is now a part of this family's future. To know children, grand children and great grand children will eventually hold this horn and add their names to it, makes it worth all the effort.

         When it comes to custom horns, there are some things to consider:

1. Size

2. Style

3. Type of Holder

4. Design

                                                                                    5. Time

1. Size: Simply how much fluid the horn should hold.

2. Style: When I say style I mean this. Is it just wording on the horn? Or is it a combination of word and art that carries from the horn to the holder (If a holder is requested).

3. Type of Holder: This is also very simple, wall mounted or on a shelf stand, vertical or horizontal? Will there be artwork on the holder and will it be prominent?

4. Design: When I say design, I mean modern or ancient. Modern is simple enough, when it comes to Old Norse designs, there is a bit more to it. You can click on this link  to see the various time periods and styles of Old Norse art. Any other style you'd like can be researched and done easily enough.

5. Time: MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE! Please leave enough time. I can not stress this enough, if you a planning this for a wedding or as a special gift such as Yule or Ostara. Make sure you leave enough time. Pyrography (wood burning) will go faster than a horn but, time, or enough of it is very important.

If you are ordering a custom anything there are some things you will need to know:

1. Payment: For any custom piece, be it a horn, wood burning or any combination of the two. Half of the total cost is paid in advance. I am not saying you would change your mind or receive your piece and not pay at all, but, this has happened enough so I must work this way now.

2. Returns: There are NO RETURNS on custom orders with a few exceptions:

    A. Damaged during shipping (in this case either a refund will be issued or the item will be replaced)

    B. Lost in transit (only after the report is filed and confirmation of the loss is received)


     So if you are interested in a new horn or piece of art, fill out the form below and I will get back to you.

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      Just click on the picture below to enter my store. Anything custom please fill out the custom form and I will contact you usually within 48 hours. 

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