Every once in a great while I get asked to do something unique and special.  

That was the case with the horn and holder you see in these pictures.

Two friends were getting married, Albo and Stuart. Unbeknownst to them, their friend Donald commissioned a horn with holder. On some really SHORT notice. Donald sent the artwork and what he wanted where, and then left it to me to take care of the rest.

Luckily I had what we needed to get the job done. What you see is the end result.

I have since come to find out that it resides in the Sudekum family home, and I have Stuarts' mom to thank for the pictures with both horn and holder.

Now the LVD motto or tag line is, Designs inspired by the past... Making memories for the future.

It's nice to see how that has happened here, what makes it even more special is that I call these folks friends.

Some of my work. Not all designs are my own.

Customer pics When you purchase a piece, send a pic and it will get posted.


 (The picture below is of an altar set up not all are mine but I am proud to have a couple of pieces included.)




 (The Heimdall God Pole Made by Will S. and the small table/stool are the pieces from LVD that were added. Many Thanks.)


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