So here at Little Viking Design, I strive to create the best item possible. Whether it is a custom piece (pictured top left), a reproduction of an old design (pictured center left) or one of my own designs (pictured bottom left). I always put 110% into every item.

       From wood, to horn, antler or bone. I will burn, paint or carve just about anything you can imagine. I am always up for a challenge, I learn from failure, not success. So come up with a crazy idea, I will be more than happy to attempt it.

       While I do focus on the "Viking Era", I will do, or at least try and do any picture or design you send me. I can also consult with you to create a unique one of a kind piece that will last a lifetime.

        My goal is to create an heirloom, something that will be passed down through the generations. That is the immortality that I seek, knowing that whatever I create (drinking horn, plaque or carving) will be used long after I have left this world.

         So, if you are looking for something different, a unique, one of a kind item. Drop me an e-mail, give me a call, or visit me at one of the events I am at, and let's discuss a future project.

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